Saturday, September 20, 2008


i dah consume herbalife for almost a month ..

the result ?? jeng jeng jeng ..

weight = lost almost 5 kgs
waist = lost 4 inch (approx 10 cm) - part ni yg i paling suka
thigh = lost 1 inch
arm = lost 1 inch
bud = lost 2 inch

hehe ... best gilerrrr ...

Saya dah guna produk ni 6 hari....turun 3 KG!!! Best!!!! Alhamdulillah......

Yang penting kena DISIPLIN.....& Jaga makan.....jaga makan...jaga makan.....minum banyakkkkk air......

My weight loss diary! start:56kg, now:52kg, target: 45kg byJune

Hi every one, my name is Chloe. 10 days ago my weight was 56kg, 55.8kg to be exact. My target is to reach 45kg by June. My weight now is 52 kg!!! I am very excited and want to sshare this with all the ladies here. I'm using a healthy milk shake, I don't need to starve, I can eat normal lunch, it's easy & amazing! Hope that i will reach my target soon! Let's work hard together!!

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