Saturday, September 20, 2008


i started herbalife on 9th april if im not mistaken...
but for the 1st month, mmg i maen2....i mean i wasnt that consistent...
but maen2 pon, i turon gak 3 kilos for the 1st month....

but then, lame2 i rase cam wasting plak, beli, last2 x mkn leklok..
so after dat, i consume wholeheartedly, and for 2 months, i've lost 8 kilos...
so, skang ni i rase i dh lost 13 kilos after 4 months....mmg nmpak cam slow
to certain people but to tell u one thing:

Losing weight is not as simple as ur learning ur forgotten song lyrics.
U hardly lose when u already gained. trust me!
i was born as FAT and from years to years, all that happened to me was GAINING MORE n MORE!

so, i never dreamt of losing any weight or any inch of my body! but with herbalife, i was so surprised, i did!
plus, HERBALIFE is a safe way to lose ur weight, it trains ur giant appetite to cool down and it reduces ur cravings
towards fatty food like chocs and ice creams.

and i've gained many health recoveries with herbalife. my asthma is better now, my sinus is better now, and my menstrual cycle
is definitely normal now.

so people, its time to make a change. it happened to me and thousands of people around the world!
it could happen to you too!
you just have to CHOOSE!

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