Saturday, September 6, 2008

What happen to me now? :: Levis = Waist 27

Did I gained weight? Absolutely NOT! Lose weight through your body and not through your diet. I am enjoying any kind of food, and guess what, today I tried Levis jeans. To my surprised, I am able to get into size 27. Never I have thought that I am able to have this size. Last time, my size? Men's pants size 31/32.

So, do you think Herbalife shake does not work?
Well, it works so fine.. all you have to do to achieve whatever waist size or having a flatter tummy, Herbalife can help you..all you have to do is, take it seriously and take it consistently.. be a good girl and follow the instructions.. and you will be like me, getting results that is so unbelievable!

Another story, is my sister. She always does not believe the things that I told her. Until one day, she called me and tell me she really wanted to lose weight. Of course, I told her, "Herbalife la.." And she tried for 1 month, maklumla.. you know when people wanted to go for holiday, baru nak rajin rajin kuruskan badan.. i pun x faham la.. ok, never mind. Don't care about that. During first 1-2 weeks, she called me up keep on complaining that she didn't see results..etc etc.. But then, when last night, she called me, she said she lost 2kgs. 49kg (Before HBL) & 47kg (After HBL). And she said, "i think my thigh is a bit smaller"...

Some people even ask me, what is so special about Herbalife...? Of course, I do not need to explain much, if you really want to know, you tried it.. if not, you will never know.. 50 millions satisfied customers, and I am one of it.. do I need to explain so much just to convince a person to try to lose weight? Absolutely NO NEED!...

Lose weight and shaping up has never been easier with Shapeworks!
2 Shakes to replace 2 normal meals + 1 normal meal + Plenty of Plain water
So simple.. but some people are still unable to do it... why? Ask youself...
Losing weight needs patient and determination..if you have it, will lose weight..
If not, no matter will never lose weight.. Always remember, there is no shortcut to losing weight..Always remember, losing weight with Shapeworks is healthy & correct way of dieting that will enable you to have long lasting results..


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